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Subject: 2022/23 Provincial Adjustment Budget to addresses service delivery needs of the North West community

Date: 22 November 2022

MEC for Finance Motlalepula Rosho has today tabled the 2022/23 Provincial Adjustment Budget at the North West Provincial Legislature. Rosho said the adjustment budget proposed an upward revision of R1.922 billion which implies that the provincial budget will increase from R48 billion to R51.634 billion.

The MEC stated that the budget considered the service delivery needs of the North West community especially towards the provision of education, health services, water and sanitation as well as the provinces’ roads network.

“This additional allocation comprises of R111.1 million for Provincial Roads Maintenance Grant, R714.563 million in relation to improvement on condition of service for public servants, R726.132 million for rollovers and the rest from own financing”, said MEC.

MEC Rosho noted with concern the slow spending on infrastructure and conditional grants and said departments are compelled to implement expenditure improvement plans in order to maximise spending throughout the financial year with a positive impact on service delivery. She urged provincial departments to absorb the current infrastructure allocations including rollovers and additional funding provided to mitigate flood damages on the provincial roads and completion of delayed water and sanitation projects.

The MEC concluded by saying that governance and oversight on planning and implementation should be enhanced by all the departments.

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