Provincial Treasury will continue to render and strengthen support to ailing municipalities.
MEC Rosho stated this when presenting Provincial Treasury’s budget amounting to R531.7 million for the 2022/23 financial year.
“The Provincial Treasury devotes this financial year to continue providing its unwavering support to departments, public entities and municipalities to accelerate the provision of quality basic services to the people. The responsibility to deliver basic services to communities falls squarely on all government institutions,” she stated.
MEC Rosho said in line with Section 154 of the Constitution which directs national and provincial government to support and strengthen the capacity of municipalities to manage their own affairs, the Provincial Treasury would intensify the following support initiatives to all municipalities and the focus would be on the following areas:
 Budgets will be analysed for compliance to ensure that they are funded before being adopted;
 Putting systems in place that are targeted to Improve Audit Outcomes through implementation of proper internal controls and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to eliminate the root causes of the audit findings;
 Capacity Building will be provided through direct work-place, training, workshop and learnership to build both individual and organisational capacity.
“The serious problems in local government cannot simply be ignored as it violates the Constitution and jeopardises every citizen’s dignity and right to access basic services. This includes a requirement for provincial and national government to assume their
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responsibilities to intervene timeously and effectively in terms of the law. Persistent municipal failures call for decisive and coherent course of action to be taken in line with the permitted legislative mechanisms to ensure that financial distress, financial crisis, service delivery failures and poor governance are dealt with in a manner that seeks to instil fiscal discipline,” she said
Rosho said that the municipal support programme in a collaborative approach with other stakeholders will continue to support and capacitate municipalities to resolve the financial crisis so as to enable them to adequately execute their constitutional and legislative mandates.

Issued by North West Provincial Treasury: For more information contact Ms. Kesalopa Gill on 079 548 6352 / 018 388 3584/

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